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Hollywood & Wine represents wines that we sincerely believe in, wines that we choose because we genuinely appreciate these wines and the heart and soul behind them, wines produced by real people that are seriously passionate about the grapes that they farm and the wines that they craft.

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Here's a little about what we're up to.

All of Hollywood & Wine's winery clients actively participate in events, from winepairing dinners and tastings to fundraisers and educational programs, in order to generate positive publicity and promote brand visibility. We strongly believe that no matter how remarkable a limited production, handcrafted wine may be, if the consumer isn't familiar with the brand and there's no one hand-selling at the moment of purchase, the wine is too often overlooked on a restaurant's wine list or a retailer's shelf. We are in the business of promoting brand in order to sell product.

Call Us: (323) 850-5558


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Phone: (323) 850-5558